CPA Maheno Mounting Brackets

$50.00$70.00 GST Exclusive

Because of the limited space to design mounts to fit along the centre section of the CPA Maheno, the mounts are designed to be  bolted to the prop. It is essential that the mounts be bolted through to the front of the prop to add sufficient strength.

  • 2 lengths of Aluminium (or equivalent) 16mm x 1.6mm 540mm long.
  • 1 length of Aluminium (or equivalent) 16mm x 1.6mm 1080mm long.
  • 4 S/S (or equivalent) 12 gauge x 19mm long self tapping screws
  • 4 S/S (or equivalent) M4 x 50mm with washers and nuts. 
  • 4 S/S (or equivalent) M4 x 40mm with washers and nuts. 
  • 12 S/S M4 x 35mm with washers and nuts. (make sure that one of the washers is larger than the other as this washer will go on the front of the prop)

While the prop may look symmetrical at first glance, there is a specific top, bottom, left and right as the pixel patterns are not the same at each of the points. If your prop does not have the wiring diagram printed on the back side, you will have to pay very close attention to the correct orientation using the xLights model. After the holes are made on the coro you can zip tie the mounts to the prop. Insert the Aluminium into the mounts and mark where the holes need to be drilled for inserting the bolts through the mounts. If your prop was slit in half for shipping, it’s always best to do run practice. At each post you will insert the bolt from the top of the mount and tighten it against the embedded nut at the bottom of the mount. Just careful not to over-tighten or you could crack the mount.



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