IMPRESSION Xmas Tree – 4 Pack

Impression Xmas Tree 4 pack is an ideal set to use around your yard as a Christmas decoration for all your lighting displays

$280.00 GST Exclusive

  • This is our 100 node Xmas Tree 4pk designed for 12mm bullet pixels or no holes
    • Tree is 80 Nodes
    • Star is 20 Nodes
  • Pre cut zip tie holes for mounting and Star
  • Measures approx 1346mm (53″) tall x 609mm (24″) wide
    • Tree is 1155mm (45.5″)
    • Star is 215mm ( 8.5″)
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white
  • Uses the native tree and star models in xLights
  •  Designed  in the USA. Printed And Manufactured in AUSTRALIA

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