Pigtail Cable ID / Power Injection ID

$2.20$35.20 GST Exclusive

Pigtail Cable ID’s / Power Injection ID’s

  • CLIP ON LABELS!! No more forgetting to put the labels on your pigtails, Finally say goodbye to pigtail label frustration, and say hello to effortless organization of your Pigtails with our CLIP ON clips.
  • Are you tired of struggling to read the numbers on your pigtails?
  • Are you tired of constantly having to turn them back and forth just to see the number clearly?
  • Look no further than our pigtail clips! Our clips are designed with ease of use in mind. Easily removed and moved to a new pigtail if you mistakenly use the wrong pigtail, making it effortless to read the numbers on them without any hassle. With our clips you’ll never say this again, “I forgot to slide on the label!!!”
  • all clips are printed with PETG to survive our Australian heat and weather conditions and come in a variety of bright colours that make the black numbers easy to read. All labels are tested to ensure a snug fit.
  • Designed in the USA by Parts4Pixels. Manufactured in AUSTRALIA.


  • Please note that due to this being a new printed product we are yet to be fully stocked and it might take us a week or two have your order printed up.




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