609mm (2′) Vine Leaf Run

$9.00 GST Exclusive

This 609mm (2′)  Vine Leaf Run prop is part of our versatile Vine Collection. All props in the collection are designed to work together, interchangeably. Combine this prop with others in the collection to create your own unique, customized layout. Rotate the prop 90-degrees for vertical climbs, or flip it to create a matching pair with a second copy of the prop.

  • Approximately 609mm (2′) wide and 304mm (12″) tall.
  • 120 nodes, made for 12mm bullet pixels
  • Zip-tie slots on each end make it easy to align and fasten together multiple vine props
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black coroflute
  • 100% Designed in the USA. Manufactured in AUSTRALIA

Designed by Sidewalk Spectaculars. View example sequences and download the free xLights models at www.sidewalkspectaculars.com


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