Flat Mega Trees

$300.00$600.00 GST Exclusive

These are our Flat Mega Trees designed for 12mm bullet or EVO pixels. Support structure Required

Photo is of 10ft Prototype and not actual product

  • Mega 3048mm (10′) Tree – 1000 nodes  – 20 columns of 50 nodes. 90mm (3.5″) Horizontal spacing at the bottom. 25mm (1″) Horizontal spacing at the top. 53mm (2.1″) Vertical spacing. Comes in 3 sections
  • Mega 4876mm (16′) Tree – 5600 nodes  – 28 columns of 200 nodes – 84mm (3.3″) Horizontal spacing at the bottom. 25mm (1″) Horizontal spacing at the top. 25mm (1″) Vertical spacing. Comes in 5 sections. Each section wired independently. Tree is 5.6m (18′ 6″) when a 1168mm (46″) star is mounted to the top


  • Both the Trees look best with at least a 1168mm (46″) topper
  • Star NOT included
  • Top of tree is designed to fit directly underneath our line of 1168mm (46″) stars. But you can use any topper of your choice.
  • Each section wired independently for easy setup and tear down & storage.
  • Trees are slit horizontally for shipping. if you want it un-slit a separate invoice will be required for shipping
  • No Backing plates. Tree will be secured to customer supplied emt or unistrut
  • These trees are Heavy duty and will require a support structure.
  • No more strip flipping in the wind. Perfect pixel alignment every time
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black coroflute. Impressions also available.
  •  Designed in the USA. Manufactured in AUSTRALIA


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