Hattitude Triune – Spinner/Singing Tree/Singing Ornament (Triune 1)


This is the perfect name for this new prop, as it combines three separate props into one. It combines our 1.193m 277 node spinner, our singing tree, and a singing ornament.  This gives you a spinner, and a choice from two singing faces in one space to maximize your show! It’s ideal for those with limited space, or those who just want more in the space they have.

  • This is the 607 node Hattitude Triune designed for 12mm bullet pixels
    • SPINNER – 277 nodes
    • TREE – Outline 100 nodes
    • ORNAMENT – Outline 100 nodes
    • FACE – Eyes 48 nodes – Mouth 82 nodes
  • Measures approx 1.193m tall
  • Pixels – 101mm spacing recommended
  • Model in xLights
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black coroplast
  • Slit for shipping – you can add “no slit” to the notes section  and select “Local Pick Up” only when checking out and and you will be invoiced for the shipping separately 
  • Designed in the USA. Manufactured in AUSTRALIA
  • DOWNLOAD GE Xlights Model HERE !!

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Triune /trī(y)o͞on/ adjective, consisting of three in one.



These files will download as a zip file. Once its been downloaded just extract all like you would any other file.



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