IMPRESSION Poor Mans Pixel Pole


  • This is a Poor Mans Pixel Pole designed for 12mm bullet pixels.
  • Small – 99 Node measures approx 1.193m tall x 82mm wide – 25.4mm spacing
  • Medium – 200 Node measures approx 1.193m tall x 101mm wide – 25.4mm spacing
  • Large – 600 Node measures approx 2.438m tall x 152mm wide – 24mm spacing
  • Zip Tie Holes all around to secure to your choice of pole or rebar
  • Add multiples together to create a matrix, connect side by side or end to end
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white coroplast with uv print – Many additional designs/patterns coming soon!!
  • Designed in the USA. Printed and Manufactured in AUSTRALIA


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