Pixel Tree Forest Kit

$12.00$410.00 GST Exclusive

This is an expandable/modular/interlocking Pixel Tree Forest Kit designed for 12mm bullet pixels 

  • Tree Kit includes:
    • Tree to tree spacing is just over 304mm (1ft).
    • Overall kit size is approx 2400 (8ft) wide x 1168mm (46″) deep
    • 8 grid sections (1168mm (46″) Long x 914mm (3″) Tall (5 Slots)
    • 18 trees – 50 nodes each (647mm (25.5″) Tall x 381mm (15″) Wide)
    • Trees zip tie to grid
    • This is a 4-3-4-3-4 row configuration
    • You can make any configuration you like
    • Some photos may contain extra trees and grid sections
  • Individual pieces available for expansion to kits
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white or black coroflute
  •  Designed in the USA. Manufactured in AUSTRALIA


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